2010 Annual Update from Luisa Natoli – SSAA

As the new Membership Officer for the Self Storage Association of Australasia, my first short four months has certainly been a whirlwind! My first order of business was to assist with the Trade Show and Convention that we hosted in October 2010 in Wellington. This was not only my first time to New Zealand but also my first time at a convention in a “behind the scenes” capacity.

It was a tremendous team effort, with lots of overseas planning and logistics but overall I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. I think it was a huge success and I can’t wait for the next Trade Show and Convention to be held right here in Melbourne from 16 to 18 August 2010. My personal prediction is that the Melbourne Convention will be the biggest turn-out to date!


After the Trade Show and Convention in Wellington, we got serious about organizing and hosting the SSAA Regional Meetings across Australia and New Zealand and have just capped off the very last of them in Auckland. We put on our Christmas round of Regional Meetings at the beginning of November – in Perth, Adelaide, Queensland, Melbourne and Auckland and it was a great opportunity for me to touch base with so many members.

I’ve found that these meetings are a great informal way to discuss matters or strike up a conversation amongst colleagues without the driving force of a conference behind you. Regularly hosted in a premier venue, such as the MCG, Pallazzo Versace or a winery, with great food, drinks and so many self storage people all under the one roof – what more could you ask for?

I’ve come across a wealth of information and learnt a lot at these meetings, where people find it encouraging to voice their thoughts to me over a glass of wine or a meal. After all, as the Membership Officer, it’s a large part of my job to listen to the needs of members and make the membership experience as satisfying as possible. It certainly does make my job easier and more effective when members approach me at Regional Meetings, pick up the phone to call me or shoot me an email – no matter how random!


This year we also produced our bi-annual Demand Study for the self storage industry. We could not have produced such a high caliber edition without the invaluable resources and contribution from Blackwell Consulting.

I spent many a late night proof-reading graph after graph…after graph, and the staff at Blackwell Consulting were right there with me! I think the Demand Study is an essential tool for anybody in the industry and especially good value at $75 (members price). If you compared the price and content of the Demand Study to a similar publication in another industry, say the mining industry, I guarantee you the price would be more exorbitant than a mere $75. I think this is part of our commitment to try to offer members good value with pertinent and applicable business tools, while maintaining realistic costs.


In the new year, you will see a change to the Insider with a new revamped look of the magazine. In the new year we will be streamlining our events management.

Very soon we will be releasing a Calendar of Events – this will list all our events scheduled for 2011 across Australia and New Zealand, so at a glance members will be able to decide in advance what training session or regional meetings they would like to attend. This assists with members planning around their work and personal schedules and also with deciding what staff members will attend particular sessions.


In terms of the SSAA Board of Directors, there have also been a few changes. The Board of Directors consists of an independent Chairman and other elected officials from each region of Australia and New Zealand. This year David Daddow from South Australia and Damian O’Brien from Western Australia finished their terms on the board. They have been replaced by Andrew Eastwood from U-Store it in SA and John Hidding from Easy Store in WA, while Andrew Brooks continues as the Chairman for his second and final year in this position.

From myself & everyone here at the Self Storage Association of Australasia, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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