Strike while the buying decision is high:
harness Storman’s online reservations.

By integrating Storman Reservations with your website, you make it easier for your customers to make a reservation from anywhere in the world, at any time. It’s a simple two-step process:

  1. Storers can reserve a unit & pay the deposit online.
    Storman Reservations only displays the unit types you’ve selected, allowing you to quickly & easily fill those units at the back of the facility. Reservations made online are booked automatically into Storman. The site manager will also be informed of the reservation automatically.
  2. When they’re ready, use our paperless move-in process.
    When move-in day arrives, your storer can then complete the remaining ‘paperwork’ electronically using Storman Online Move-ins. All the information you need – gathered and stored effortlessly.


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Storman Reservations is just one of the ways our software can revolutionise your storage facility.

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Features For your Website

Storman Payments

Accept storer payments straight from your website.

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Storman Reservations

Let customers reserve a unit on your website - 24/7.

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Storman Move-Ins

Accept paperless move-ins from your website.

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