Storman Online Reporting

Access your reports anywhere, any time

Use Storman’s cloud based reporting solution to access your reports
anywhere, any time:

  • Access your Storman reports 24/7 from any internet connected device, using a web browser.
  • Export any of your report data to Excel or PDF to do further data analysis.
  • Get quick access to your common reports by marking them as “Favourites”.
  • Enjoy 100% up-to-date information with Storman Reporting as data is sourced directly from your Storman software.
  • Control access to Storman Reporting, as user permissions are inherited from your existing Storman software.
  • Storman Reporting is simple to use and can be used be anyone with appropriate permission.

For your Website

Storman Online Payments

Accept storer payments from your website, 24/7. 

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Storman Online Reservations

Let customers reserve a unit from your website, 24/7.

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Storman Online Move-Ins

Accept paperless move-ins from your website, 24/7.

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Storman API

Integrate your clients website by taking advantage of our APIs.

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