Photos from the 2013 SSAA Self Storage Summit

Hello everyone and welcome back after a very relaxing SSAA conference on Hayman Island. I say relaxing, but it was actually fairly hectic if you were a Service Member, as we had to setup our tradeshow stand, grab some lunch, go for a stroll around the island and then supervise our clients while they drank round the pool.

Seriously though, it was a great conference and while I am the first to admit not the cheapest we have attended, it certainly bought out the best in the people who were able to attend. Many of our customers took this opportunity to roll their conference attendance into a holiday and I was very privileged to meet many of our customer’s partners as they “toughed it out” around the pool while their other halves were doing it tough in the conference hall.

One couple I met had had a massive week; they had to prepare a funeral for a family member to cater for 1,000 people, then get married and Hayman was their honeymoon. Wow… and I thought I had a busy week. Our thoughts and best wishes go to that newlywed couple and while I am not mentioning any names they know who they are.




In terms of Storman, the conference was a great chance, as it always is, to catch up and shoot the breeze with our customers and I am pleased to see that many of them had implemented our new features in version 9 and many expressed a true pleasure in using these new features to make their businesses more successful and I guess that’s what it’s all about isn’t it?

For those who attended the conference you would have seen Aaron and myself demonstrating a new product, which is is due for release early next year. For those who weren’t there you will need to wait to see what we have in store for you however from the feedback we got at the conference it seems that we have certainly found a new feature that all of you will use and find useful within your businesses. Watch this space!

In terms of guest speakers, it was my pleasure to introduce a gentleman by the name of Jimmy Gibson who is the CEO of Big Yellow in the UK. I am told that Jimmy definitely had some important information to give to the delegates and I believe that his spot was the highest rated speaking spot by the after conference survey. Well done Jimmy.




As always, it was very interesting to see who would take out the coveted awards of Manager of the Year (MOTY) and the Facility of the Year (FOTY) and this year’s winners were all in the Storage King kingdom (pardon the pun) and our congratulations go to those winners.

All in all, I will say that The Summit provided a chance to remove yourself from the “business” for a few days and intimately talk about how to run your business and how to make the most of it. To everyone who didn’t go, I would urge you to provide feedback about what would make you go to the next one and contact Dougal as he is already planning 2014 on the Gold Coast.

Let’s see if we can get 600 people there! …sound hard? Hopefully we can do it. For now, goodbye and see you out there in self storage land!














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