PTI launches telephone interface

Gate system integration with Storman Software

PTI Australasia understands self-storage and, with our customers in mind, we continue to develop and improve the products to help both current and new customers to keep up to date with new technology and features.

After the Self Storage Conference earlier this year, we’ve had a lot of feedback that managers / operators have requested the need to communicate with facility customers at a gate keypad via the office phone (direct dial technology). At current, our intercom system has an integrated Aiphone system which in the event a customer depresses the built in intercom button on our keypad, the call comes back to a LEF base station located in the office.


Exciting new development!

We have worked hard and closely with one of the leading Australian telecommunication companies to develop our own “Telephone Interface” for our Apex keypad range. This will enable our Apex keypad to do the following…

  • When a customer depresses the intercom button on an Apex keypad fitted with the “Telephone Interface” this will enable the call to come through the office phone! So even if you are out of the office doing cleaning, unit check or showing customers around, you can still get calls from a customer who might need help at the keypad or can’t get in via your office cordless phone.

  • Day and After Hours mode.

  • Can dial through a programmed number that can be either mobile or land line (some call charges may apply).

  • Has the capability to open gates from your cordless phone if you are not in the office.

No more frustrated customers; only happy customers! Call us today on +61 7 3216 5524 or visit our website: for more information. We would also like to extend our thanks to everyone for their support throughout the year and wishes everyone a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year. Thank you.


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