Contactless move-ins with Storman

no contact operations with Storman Cloud

We are all working in uncharted waters and self-storage operators along with most other businesses, are having to change the way they work and the way they interact with their customers.

One of the challenges self-storage facilities face is to move-in a customer to their newly rented storage unit without being physically on site – a contactless move-in.

This article shows you how you can use Storman, to achieve a contactless move-in online.

Overview of a contactless move-in with Storman

The signup process can now be completed contactless, online and paperless using Storman Move-ins.   

Storman Move-ins gives you the ability to have your customers sign up for storage electronically, just by sending them an email. The diagram below shows you the process flow for this:

A Contactless movein process

None of the above requires physical contact between the customer and your staff.

Receive the lead and quote

In today’s society, with certain restrictions in place, a customer may contact you via a Google search, website enquiry, phone call, social channel or email. Once this happens, the process is simple:

  1. Create a lead to record the information about the customer in Storman.  
  2. Optionally, send the customer a quote from Storman.   

Confirm storage needs and reserve a unit

Once you have confirmed the storage needs of the customer and agreed to proceed with them, you just:

  1. Convert the lead to be a reservation in Storman.
  2. Assign the appropriate unit(s) to the reservation.

Optionally, send a “pay online” link to the customer

If you require a booking fee or deposit to be paid before the customer can move-in, we recommend sending a “PAY ONLINE” link via SMS or email to allow the customer to easily make a payment.   

Please note that this requires a payment provider to be enabled in Storman for this to work.

Optionally, the customer pays online

On receipt of the email or SMS containing the “pay online” link, the customer can then make a payment to the reservation directly via the Storman payment portal.

Send a “Complete your sign-up” email to the customer

Once the reservation is confirmed you can send the customer an email containing a “Complete signup” link from Storman that will take the customer to the Storman online move-ins portal.

Here they will be able to complete their move-in.

Email with Complet Signup Link

Customer completes the agreement online

Using the Storman online Move-ins, from the comfort of their own home, the customer will then be able:

  1. See the unit(s) that have been reserved for them.
  2. Enter the information required for the contract to be created such as their name, address.
  3. Upload a photo of themselves and some scanned ID.
  4. Confirm the storage agreement, fees and charges.  
  5. Accept the storage terms and conditions.
  6. Provide an online signature for the contract.

Here is an example of the first page where the customer provides their initial details:

Complete move-in online with Storman

And here is where the customer will provide their online signature:

Storman Move in digital Signature capture

After the customer signs the agreement on screen, all details are entered automatically into Storman.  A copy of the storage agreement, together with other useful attachments such as a privacy policy will be sent to them.    A copy of their storage agreement is also automatically stored against their agreement in Storman, so you do not need to scan and upload this yourself.

Confirm their Identity

If you’re unable to meet the customer on-site, we recommend using both the ID and photo the customer uploaded during their sign up process, to verify their identity. You may choose to add in extra checks or verification before providing the customer with storage.

Send the customer their site access code

Just prior to their move-in date, if you have a gate then you can email, SMS or call the customer to let them know their PIN number / access code so that they can enter the facility.  This can be done automatically as part of the signup process above if you would like.  Please contact our support team to help you with this. 

And we’re done!

The sign up process is now complete and everything is ready for the new customer to move in. 

Self storage management software

Storman Cloud automatically manages your units, tenants, invoices and gate, quickly and cost effectively. Should you require more information or would like to see the live demo, please contact us.

*Storman Move-Ins is an add-on product.