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Storman Cloud is the next evolution in Self Storage Management Software

We make self storage management easy!

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Storman is the largest provider of storage management software in Australia and New Zealand, and is trusted by award-winning self storage facilities across the world.


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Storman’s Award-Winning Payment Services

Take control of your storage payment collections with our award-winning, all-in-one solution.

With one simple integration, you get to say goodbye to overdue payments, data collection errors, double-entry and data security concerns. Using Storman Payment Services, you can collect all your storage payments straight from Storman.

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Storman web services

Websites that convert browsers into storers

Our web design partners have ‘been in storage for over 10 years’ – building websites specific to the self storage industry that integrate with Storman and convert browsers into storers. They can also assist with SEO, SEM & social media advertising.

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Tools for your website

Use Storman’s range of online tools to make it easier for your managers and storers.

Accept payments from your storers 24/7

Use Storman’s cloud based self-storage software to make it simpler for your customers to make payments with our award-winning payment solution.

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Storman Payments

Let your storers reserve online, anytime!

Allow storers to reserve spaces at your facility from anywhere in the world. Take a deposit or booking fee while the buying decision is high.

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Let your storers move-in online, anytime!

Allow your storers to complete all ‘paperwork’ electronically, by moving in via your website – or on a iPad/tablet at your storage facility.

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