Storman Training Roadshow in Sydney

On Tuesday afternoon I headed to Sydney for our StorMan Training Roadshow, where I got to meet some of our lovely customers from Storage King Alexandria, Permian Self Storage and Hampton Hire & Storage for training.

Training took place yesterday (Wednesday) at The Menzies Hotel in Sydney CBD. I was most impressed to hear that staff from Permian (in Wollongong) had travelled for two hours to come to the training – but even more impressed when I found out that staff from Hampton Hire & Storage had travelled a total of four hours (one hour by car then three hours by train) for the training.

Lorraine (Hampton Hire & Storage) & I joked that even though I was travelling almost 800km (admittedly by plane); I would still get home first. I think that was probably a record for non air-based travel to one of our training sessions, so thank you to all for travelling such a long way!

The training was well received by all – and we had some excellent questions offered during the session, too. One thing I love about the self storage industry (and you’ll see a lot of this at the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) functions) is a willingness to share and learn from one another.

I witnessed this again yesterday, as some of our attendees offered advice to one another to solve common problems they faced at their facilities, or tips on how to deal with problem storers and so on. It’s fantastic to see such a friendly community within the industry. Thanks to everyone who took part – I I hope you enjoyed it!