The cloud – what is it?

Storman cloud - cloud computing

Manage your facility from anywhere with Storman Cloud

A cloud server is a server running in a cloud computing environment that connects you to your business tools and data.

In the simplest terms, cloud computing means storing and accessing your data and programs over the internet, instead of a computer/server on-site or in your office.

Cloud servers can completely replace onsite servers and provide higher levels of performance, security and control. Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure are some of the big name providers in this space.

Storman Cloud

Storman Cloud is exactly what it sounds like, it is Storman.. in the cloud.

This means it is accessible anywhere, anytime, as long as you are connected to the internet.

There is no need to setup complex VPN’s or pay for remote access software to be able to access the computer or computers in your office.

Just pick up your laptop or tablet, open your internet browser and login to Storman Cloud.

With automatic backups the Storman team make sure your data is safe and secure, and with real-time monitoring, we’ll be aware of any issues before you are!

Cost comparison

The following, are costs that need to be factored into having a server on-site or in an office to run Storman:

  • Initial setup costs and configuration
  • Server/computer hardware and upgrades
  • Software and Microsoft licensing fees
  • IT costs for ongoing maintenance and backups
  • Time and resources for managing backups and data recovery in the event of an emergency

The following, are costs that need to be factored into having Storman in the Cloud:

  • Storman One to Storman Cloud upgrade fee*
  • Storman Cloud subscription

Other advantages

  • Built-in scalability, means as you grow our servers grow with you
  • Owners and key decision makers can access reporting and data without impacting operational staff
  • Fast and easy recovery by the Storman team
  • Data backups managed by the Storman team
  • Real-time monitoring by the Storman team
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime

The storm is here, so what are you waiting for? Book a demo today!


*The Storman Cloud upgrade fee is for existing Storman One users to upgrade to Storman Cloud and is subject to change.

Storman Cloud is built to help storage facility owners manage their business. Storman Software provides leading cloud based self storage management software to the self storage industry.