What’s new in Storman Cloud

Whats new in Storman Cloud?

24 April 2020

Added features to Storman Cloud

Our Storman team brought new functionality to Storman Cloud that we think is going to make things even easier.

Storman customers can find a full list of release note articles from our knowledge base. Take a look at a summary of some of these new Storman Cloud features below:

Advanced customer search

We are super excited to announce a new feature that you have all been asking and waiting for, an advanced customer search!

  • Someone paid their fees using just their invoice number as a reference. Can I find the customer who did the payment with just an invoice number?
    Yes! Easy!
  • Wondering who has just pulled up out front?
    No sweat, bang in their car registration number!
  • Can Storman Cloud find customers using an email address?
    Of course!
  • Search using customer name or agreement number, how about mobile phone?
    Sure can!

You’ll find this at the bottom of your Quick links menu.

quick links

Did you spot the odd one out above?

Where are my tasks?

We have moved your tasks list, this now lives on it’s own page and is easily found from the left side navigation under Operations.

tasks list


Anyone using Storman Move-Ins will notice a new notification in their notification bell from now on, check it out..

New Insurance report

We have a new report in Storman Cloud, it is called the Insurance coverage report and can be found under the Reporting > Insurance section.

new report insurance
This report will show you all of your customers who have taken out insurance with you, the coverage they have taken, and a grand total for your entire facility – which should match up with your insurance company, as well as making reconciliation with them a breeze!

But wait, there’s more.. This report can also show you a list of customers who DO NOT have insurance with you, get on the phone, try to up sell some insurance!

REMINDER: You’ll need to tick this report under permissions before you can see it.

Adding inventory is easier than ever

When entering a new inventory order into Storman, you are now entering in the cost of each item as the NET price, we will work out and display the total for you.

This new process has been designed entirely around the invoice you receive from your supplier; so there is no thinking, no getting your calculator out, no cross checking,  just type in exactly what you see on the invoice – we’ll do the rest.


If you have any questions for us in regard to the upgrades, additions and fixes in Storman Cloud, Call 1300 669020 or contact us here. There were many more new features added in Storman Cloud, please look at the release notes in our knowledge base.