Question: What is Storman?
Answer: Storman is the largest provider of storage management software in Australia and New Zealand, and Storman Software is trusted by award-winning self storage facilities across the world.


Question: What does Storman Software do?
Answer: Storman is self storage facility management software, built to help storage facility owners manage their business.
Storman Software provides leading cloud based self storage management software to the self storage industry. For a full detailed summary of Storman Cloud, see our product page.


Question: How can I get a copy of Storman?
Answer: Being Cloud based, you can book a demo online and we will take you through the software. If you like, we can supply you with a login to the demo site to go through the cloud product in your own time, after the walk through. Cloud software does not need to be downloaded. You only need to login via a web browser.


Question: What does Storman Cloud cost?
Answer: We offer an affordable, flexible licensing structure to suit the size of your business; be it small, medium, large or global. Our software is designed to help you grow – and to grow with you. Each solution is tailored to your business, so speak to us for a no obligation, free quote!


Question: How long does it take to be on-boarded to Storman Cloud?
Answer: Are you migrating from other software? Will you need us to customise your communications? We will be talking to you about your timeline and will keep you updated each step of the way. Each solution is tailored to your business, and times may vary due to demand and project requirements.




Stock take is now a breeze. Our team love managing our inventory in Storman Cloud!

Chris / Storage King Rolleston, NZ



We were so excited to start using Storman Cloud, it is so easy to use. The interface is so clean and simple and it still feels like ‘Storman’.

Bec / Cockburn Central Self Storage WA