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Manage your self storage facility from anywhere.

Storman Cloud screen on laptop

What is Storman Cloud?

Storman Cloud is the next evolution in self storage management software. Built by people who are passionate about self storage. Designed for owners and operators to lift your business to the next level.

Cloud based self storage software


Using the latest Cloud technology, monitor & manage your facility from anywhere, anytime, no need for software on site.


Multi-site user management, brand consistency, convenient call centre management and multi-site reporting functionality.

Gate integration with Storman Cloud


Integrate your payments, business intelligence tools, website and access control with Storman Cloud. Automatically lock-out overdue customers and unlock them when they are paid up to date.

Why Storman Cloud?

An all-in-one solution for your self storage software needs.
Increase revenue, cash-flow and staff morale!

Storman Cloud looks great and does it all!

The software that makes it easy for you.

The sales dashboard

Our new Sales dashboard displays all the information you need to close that sale quickly.

  • Eye-catching sales “key performance indicators” help you make informed business decisions.
  • Quickly see what unit types and sizes you have available.
  • Minimise lost sales, with improved lead and follow-up management.
The all-new Operations Dashboard

The operations dashboard

Help your staff manage storers, with tasks, reminders and all of your customers on one dashboard.

  • Eye-catching operational “key performance indicators” gives you real time snapshots of your facility’s performance.
  • See all your units, customers, agreements and reservations in one place.
  • Help staff with the day to day running of your facility, with our new task manager which provides timely reminders and alerts of key events to be actioned.

Make better business decisions

Use Storman Cloud’s intelligent data  to manage your facility.

Intelligence Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard
Operations Dashboard
Staff Performance Report

Smart dashboards, business metrics and smarter reporting help you make key business decisions.

Will I be able to convert from other software to Storman Cloud?

Yes! From any self storage management software such as Sitelink and Space Manager, Winsen and more.

Will Storman One still be supported?

Of course! Storman One will continue to be supported and updated for many years to come, but our new development is focused on Storman Cloud, so all our new and innovative features will be added to Storman Cloud.

Can I upgrade from Storman One to Storman Cloud?

Absolutely! It is easy to upgrade to Storman Cloud.  Our local support team will help you through this process. Please book your demo here.

Where can I learn more?

Our team is ready to take your call. Talk to us to book a live demo where you can see the product live in action.

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