Navigating Business Boundaries: A Remote Success Story with Storman Software.


Melinda Chettri’s family operated Emerald Rent-A-Shed in Queensland for over two decades. When it was time for her parents to step back, Melinda and her husband took the reins. But there was a twist – they were based in India. This presented a unique challenge as they aimed to sustain and grow the business remotely.

Previously reliant on manual processes, the Chettri’s sought to modernise operations while maintaining cost-effectiveness and efficiency. Their objectives were clear: remote management, hands-on ownership, time optimisation, and digital transformation.

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The history:

Storman Software: A Remote Revolution.

In May 2022, Melinda found the solution in Storman software. Its local Australian support and integrated accounting systems aligned perfectly with their needs. Despite initial challenges from transitioning from manual processes, the supportive staff and training resources eased the integration.

The Online Sign-Ups feature emerged as the game-changer, offering the flexibility Mel needed while residing overseas. “Sending a new customer a link through email, they can complete the process. The contract and ID details are securely stored, and payments can be made online,” shared Mel. Daily tasks assist in staying on top of business management.

“Storman is a great software for any Storage Facility. Managing our business remotely, it’s the best investment we’ve made. Easy to use, and the support team is extremely helpful,” Mel praised.


Lessons in Seamless Integration.

Mel found the software incorporation surprisingly simple. The onboarding process was smooth, with helpful and supportive staff. Though initial challenges arose from manual data entry and billing cycle differences, training videos and ongoing support justified the software investment.


Small Business, Big Success: Storman’s Impact.

For this small family-owned business, Storman transformed day-to-day operations, making remote business management a breeze. The setup and subscription costs were justified by the time saved, enabling them to handle tasks in-house. The most significant benefit? Working remotely overseas while efficiently managing their business online.

“I’m thankful we found Storman! From initial contact to ongoing support, I recommend this software to anyone owning Storage Facilities,” Mel emphasised.

In the realm of remote business success, Storman Software has not just met expectations but has become an indispensable ally for the Chettri family, proving that even from across borders, businesses can thrive with the right tools and a touch of digital finesse.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Emerald Rent-A-Shed continues to scale and succeed in the months and years to come, and we’re sure they’ll go from strength to strength!

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