Convert more leads into customers, with Storman’s automated online move-ins process.

Offering an end-to-end online move-in process at your self-storage facility is a great way to save yourself time, maximise your conversion rates, and make yourself more money.

Whether you run your self-storage business remotely, or if you’re an onsite manager: Storman Move-ins not only lets you offers customers a seamless online experience, but also reduces your business risk by capturing and recording important information and customer ID. Best of all – unlike facilities who need new storers to come in-store to sign up, you can take on new customers at any time, on any day!

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storman move-ins offers three ways for storage facilities to sign customers up online.

Choose and use the ways that work best for your business.

1. sign-up at home.

After communicating with a customer and vetting their exact needs, staff can create a reservation in Storman and send an email or SMS that contains the ‘signup at home’ link. 

When the customer clicks on this link they are taken to the online signup portal, their units are displayed and any details that have already been captured at the reservation stage are retrieved and displayed. The customer just fills in the blanks, reads and accepts the terms & conditions, and then e-signs on the screen! 

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2. sign-up in store.

The signup portal can be used on an iPad, tablet or dedicated computer at the front desk – this is a time saver and removes the need for double data entry (where the customer fills out paperwork, and you enter it into your storage management software).

Once you understand their needs and have created a reservation – just give them an iPad and they can take care of the rest! Your agreement is created and stored in Storman Cloud automatically, and Storman can even automatically create and send your storer a gate access PIN.

see sign-up in store

3. sign-up from your website.

You may choose to let customers sign up directly from your website – simply add a link to your online portal to your website’s menu! You can configure the system so that the customer must upload a photo of themselves and a copy of their ID with a manual approval process by staff, for security purposes. This is a popular option for automated or unmanned sites!

As with all Storman Move-ins options, your agreement is created and stored in Storman Cloud automatically. Storman can also create and send your storer a gate access PIN – without you lifting a finger.

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not sure which way is best for your self-storage facility?

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If you’re not sure how to implement an online move-ins process at your self-storage facility, we’re happy to help! Let our team take you through Storman Cloud and Storman Move-Ins, with an online demonstration personalised to your storage facility’s needs.

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