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Don’t just take our word for it!

Storman Software

Storman is user-friendly, with many features that help with the smooth day to day running of our facility, especially its integration with our security system, and the many benefits this will give with future expansion of Storage King Tauranga.

As a manager, the reports available are very useful tools for business development and of course my particular favourites are the note & alert note features.

10 out of 10.

Storman provides Real Time Management Solutions for all your Self Storage needs. Integration of all management requirements is what Storman does best: Accountability, Confidentiality, Transparency, Security, Communication, Reporting & Great technical support.

Storman has been at the centre of seamlessly growing our business for over 10 years. For Melco, Storman brings the flexibility to manage more than just self storage – including container hire and accommodation. We love it!!!

Storman software is the complete package. It is user friendly and very easy to learn and I’d recommend it to you.

We use Storman so it is easy for us to do, what we do best – and that is to provide the ultimate storage solution possible, to meet our customers needs.

Storman Cloud is an amazing product

As a manager within the Self Storage Industry, having used Storman Software for many many years, I cannot recommend the Software, Sales & Support staff (aka Cam) any higher! As a user of the new Storman Cloud, Online Sign ups and Online Payments, we enjoy the freedom to access the site anywhere, Intelligent data at our fingertips, and easier + more payment options available to our clients (who are especially loving the Online payments simple touch and pay links, which has helped us reduce our overdue accounts!).

I have always found the software easy to use and simple to train new employees in. It is intuitive, and assists us to operate the site more efficiently than ever before. As an Independent company these changes have allowed us to compete alongside the bigger franchised companies, offering the same services at an affordable price for our business. Our clients are ecstatic with how easy our new sign up methods, reminders and payment methods are (allowing us to transition to a fully paperless office!).

Cockburn Central Self Storage would like to thank Storman for consistently providing the site with (by far) the best customer and support service we have ever come into contact with, especially Cam and Johnno! Congrats on making an amazing product, anyone thinking of using this software, they are by far the best at what they do!

Rebecca Phillips / Cockburn Central Self Storage
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Since starting our storage journey, we have entrusted our daily client software management to Storman Software.

It truly revolutionises the business. Storman makes customer management a straightforward process. The support team are always there when you need them. It fits big or small operations and is continuously revolutionising with the changing times. We love Storman.

AAA Storage & Removals Wembey

Storman is second to none in the self storage software market

It is our belief that Storman is second to none in the Self Storage software market and the product itself could have numerous applications in other industries. Storman’s reporting capabilities assist us in the effective management of our business and endorse our earning capacity with its easily interpreted format.

From occupancies to yields to earnings, the software is at hand to allow my staff to effectively assess areas of concern and provide our customers with first rate service. The support team at Storman are professional and readily on hand to address any issues at short notice to ensure the smooth operation of our business. Storman realise that their business relies solely upon the success of ours and to that end they are without peer.

David Summerville / Storage Choice

Real people solving real problems to make your business more successful and easier to manage – a great product, with great support staff, who actually listen to our needs.

Storman has enabled us to manage the otherwise difficult task of running a self storage business. Storman is a one-off solution incorporating the storing of personal customer information, emailing, payments and invoicing. We find Storman very helpful and they support us with any issues that may arise.

As far as Support goes, it’s only a phone-call away. We are so confident about Storman in its usage and practicality, we’ve got nothing but praise for Storman. There is nothing like this on the market.

The ‘Notes’ tab keeps staff up to date with customers who get a thrill when we remember specific details about them when we converse. We also like having the support guys just a phone call away to assist us!

I think Storman’s best feature is that it’s great to work with. But I must say that I get the most satisfaction from is the Monthly Summary Report. To be able to watch each month grow bigger & better – and to watch how each part of the facility is growing & improving each month is a real motivator!

Storman is an easy program to use that is beneficial to any storage facility. The support team are friendly, very prompt and efficient at helping fix any problems you may have. I would recommend Storman to any one in the storage industry.

The ability to have a centralised admin branch where we can operate Storman for two sites helps keep wages cost down. Controlling the daily running of the office, completing the opening and closing procedures are hassle free.

We’ve used Storman here from the get-go – actually, I’ve been using Storman since it was first invented, so I’ve really been able to see it grow and improve over time.

I love the fact that it’s so user-friendly for the part time staff that we employ and it’s so easy to print off a letter or invoice for someone. Nothing is complicated and I can hand my boss the required reports at the click of a button!

It’s a great system for keeping all records of and history of clients since move-in.

I have a complete history of each client and every project we have ever carried out so it’s a very handy tool! It really makes my life a lot easier.

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Storman is like a one-stop shop, it does absolutely everything you can think of plus more!

From Daily Processing that is so efficient in printing invoices or changing the access for customers etc, to banking, the reports, emails, move in’s and reservations and the facility map that shows the status of every unit. It makes running our facility so easy!