Newcastle Training with Nelson Bay Self Storage

The day started quite early for me, a 4am wake-up and a 5am start at Brisbane Airport. Given it’s winter, it was pitch dark as the taxi rolled up at home and then into the airport about 15 minutes later. My 6am flight was on-time, so I ducked into The Lounge for a quick breakfast before boarding at 5:30am. Today I was off to Newcastle!

After a fairly short (~50 minute) and uneventful flight, I landed at Newcastle Airport. I always enjoy flying into places I haven’t been to before – Newcastle is one of those. A few moments later, Mick from Nelson Bay Self Storage met me in the arrivals area & we were off!

Nelson Bay Self Storage is located about 25 minutes north-east of the airport, so it was a nice drive through the national park and tourist areas; we passed a Go-Cart track, Quad-biking Park and Manta Ray feeding place… just to name a few.

As we ventured up into Salamander Bay, we turned into George Road and then we were there at Nelson Bay Self Storage – our training destination for the day. After a brief explanation about why we don’t walk on the roadside nature strip (something to do with a nightly troupe of ducks that pass through the neighbourhood at about 2am), we entered the facility and I setup for the day.

Mick & I were joined by Debbie and Ian and we ran through the Advanced Training Course – covering everything from Sales Promotions & Billing Plans, to setting up & using the Storman map – stopping for morning tea (which consisted of some delicious blueberry muffins & a slice from the local bakery) and then lunch (a selection of delicious sandwiches from the same bakery) in between.

After the training concluded, I went through a few business-specific questions that Debbie, Ian and Mick had noted down before packing up for the day. As my flight was still about two hours away, Mick kindly took me back via the scenic route – driving through the beautiful scenery that Newcastle has to offer; passing through Salamander Bay, Port Stephens, Shoal Bay & Fingal. As mentioned earlier, I’d never been to Newcastle before, but after seeing some of the fantastic ‘touristy’ sights it has to offer, I’ll definitely be back for a holiday here sometime in the not-too-distant future.

Thanks again to Mick, Debbie & Ian from Nelson Bay Self Storage for their wonderful hospitality, the delicious lunch and a fantastic time in Newcastle. I hope you enjoyed the Storman training & look forward to hearing how you make use of some of the new components the software has to offer!

PS: We might be in your area soon! Check out our upcoming training sessions.


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