Promotional setups in Storman One
Customer Payments in Storman One
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Power Sessions – Storman One

Session 1: Agreement management hints and tips – Completed

Missed it? No problem, see the video here:


  • How to add and remove units
  • How to transfer to another unit
  • Changing the move in date and reactivating agreements

Session 2: Setting up and using merchandise sales promotions

  • How to setup and use Merchandise packs 
  • Set up bulk discounts.

Session 3: Managing your customer payments

  • Adding payments
  • Reversing payments
  • Processing refunds

Session 4: Billing plans and rental Sales promotions

  • How to setup and use billing plans
  • Rental sales promotions
Storman screen Power sessions

Session 5: Automatic payments with Storman

  • Automatic payments overview
  • Setting up automatic payments
  • Using automatic payments.

Session 6: Various topics

  • Setting up and using insurance rates
  • How to setup staff/tradie pins
  • Client suggested topics(please let us know your preferred topics during the sessions)
  • Sessions are about 30 minutes long, showing our users how to make the most of the functionality within Storman One
  • Each session will have a Q&A at the end, so you can post a question or suggest a topic for us to cover in upcoming sessions.
  • If you need assistance with joining the meeting, let us know on


Join us for a series of power sessions covering some of the most advanced features of Storman One, and empower yourself or your team with first hand knowledge to excel at your storage facility.

Each power session is absolutely free to Storman’s clients and should not take more than 30 minutes.

Please register here for the Storman One power sessions. (Register before 27 February 2019  to secure your seat for our second power session.)

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