How Storman Cloud can help you become a contactless facility

  1. We discussed how you can get started with moving your business online 24/7 by using Storman Cloud and Storman (web) Move-Ins.
  2. We looked at the nuts and bolts of paperless signups for your storer’s agreement, how storers e-sign agreements online.
  3. A live Q&A session for any questions.

Jonathon Wildon, Product Owner of Storman Cloud, is living and breathing self storage software. He has been a driving force behind the innovation for Storman Cloud.

Johnno has been with Storman Software for 8 years. He is a born and bred kiwi from Auckland, and has been living in Brisbane for the last 3 years. When he is not online, working, or playing games, he is exercising his German Shepherd and Rottweiler or playing paintball!

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We concluded our webinar on “Contactless operations with Storman Cloud.” We hope it was helpful to you. See the video here or click this link to watch the recording.