Stor-Mate, a two-time consecutive winner of Australasia’s Facility of the Year, faced significant challenges before integrating Storman Software into its operations.

The primary issues included synchronising storer data across multiple PCs and the inability to multitask efficiently. This resulted in IT overheads, the need for program installations on various computers, and an inability to work on multiple storers simultaneously be it via walk ins, emails or phone calls. These challenges impacted efficiency and hindered their ability to provide a seamless customer experience.

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It’s been 2.5 years since Stor-Mate successfully transitioned from a popular US-based software to Storman Cloud.

The favourite feature highlighted by the team is Storman’s cloud/browser-based nature, allowing flexibility and accessibility across various devices without additional software installations.

The incorporation of Storman into Stor-Mate’s operations, though not without challenges, has proven worth the switch. The company now enjoys a platform for future growth, reliability, and resilience. The sense of community within the Storman Cloud Project, efficient tech support, and the ability to contribute valuable input add to the overall positive experience.

lessons learned:

During the transition, Stor-Mate prioritised minimising the impact on clients by running both systems in parallel for three months. This period allowed the team to learn the new system, make necessary changes, and address any bugs. The onboarding team at Storman played a crucial role in mitigating challenges and once confident, Stor-mate were happy to start sending out notices from Storman’s cloud-based system.

“As with any changeover of software the learning curve is steep, and every team member has to be invested. Running multiple systems at the same time is challenging. It is far more appropriate to have internal issues than external client/storer issues. Fortunately, we chose to have internal issues and eventually turned off the previous software we had run for 7yrs prior and have not looked back” 

Craig Oliver, Facility Manager

Any advice for anyone considering Storman?

“Only you know how your shoe fits. If you are new to storage, attend the SSAA conferences and ask as many facility managers as you can on their own personal experiences with storage software. Attend the trade conferences and ask the different storage software providers questions. See if the shoe fits.

If you are using software and the current shoe is giving you blisters – time for a new shoe, and we can recommend Storman.

Whatever software you are running, don’t sit back on your heels and expect everyone else to improve the fit. Shout out and improve the fit for everyone within the community”

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