The all new correspondence plan and notice editor is here!

Correspondence plans and notices

We are pleased to announce the all new Correspondence plan and notice editor in Storman Cloud. You can now easily set up your correspondence plans and notices in Storman Cloud, by yourself!

  • Your communications are now totally under your own control.
  • The editor is really easy to use.
  • You can simply embed “references” into your emails, SMS and printed letters!

For a little help using it for the first time, we created a helpful 6 minute video tutorial for you. See it here:

We also have a series of knowledge base articles that include all the set up steps for correspondence plans and notices, find them here. 

PS: This feature has to be turned on for you if you have been using Storman Cloud for a while. New customers signing up this month get this automatically added in their new software. Contact the Storman team at to get this turned on.