What’s new in Storman Cloud (Jan 2021)

Whats new in Storman Cloud?

Celebrating the New Year with great new features!

Storman wishes everyone the best for 2021! We hope this year will bring solutions to the challenges we all faced last year. On the new front, we have an exciting time ahead with new releases to the Storman Cloud product that we think will help all our users.

New and improved waiting list

When you log in to Storman Cloud next, you will spot a new waiting list under the quick links menu.

With this new and improved waiting list, we’re not only showing you all of your leads that have been added to the list, we are also giving you a quick indication (red or green flag) if you have any units available for the size or type each lead is waiting for.

BUT that’s not all! Click on the Reservations tab to see a list of reserved customers waiting for units, that are currently being rented by other storers and when they are expected to move out!

Opening hours, access hours and non-trading days

Another new and shiny feature we have been working on is the ability to record office hours, facility access hours and any days the business is closed such as public holidays!

You will find this new screen under your facility settings.

NOTE: These don’t actually do anything yet = ) but stay tuned, we will be using them in the future. 

Did you know?

We have a report in Storman Cloud that shows you all of your customers that have taken out insurance with you, including their monthly premium and the total coverage amount.

This report is perfect to use to compare against your insurance company and ensure that you have purchased the exact amount of cover you need.

This report is called the Insurance coverage report and can be found under the Insurance reporting menu.

Storman Cloud’s all new correspondence plan and notice editor released!

We are pleased to announce the all new Correspondence plan and notice editor in Storman Cloud. You can set up your correspondence plans in Storman Cloud and edit your notices, easily by yourself! See our short (6 minute) video that shows you how easy it is.

Read our full release notes here.