Storman Web Reservations

Strike while the buying decision is high

By integrating Storman Reservations with your website, you can make it easier for your customers to make a reservation from anywhere in the world, at any time:

  • Storers can reserve a unit & pay the deposit online.
  • Storman Reservations only displays the unit types you’ve selected, allowing you to quickly & easily fill those units at the back of the facility.
  • Reservations made online are booked automatically into Storman.
  • The site manager will also be informed of the reservation automatically.
  • When move-in day arrives, your storer can then complete the remaining ‘paperwork’ electronically via your website or on an iPad/tablet at your facility, using Storman Online Move-ins.
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For your Website

Storman Web Payments

Accept storer payments from your website, 24/7. 

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Storman Web Reservations

Let customers reserve a unit from your website, 24/7.

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Storman Web Move-Ins

Accept paperless move-ins from your website, 24/7.

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Storman API

Integrate your website with Storman by taking advantage of our API.

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