Back from the 2014 SSAA Convention

Aug, 2014

Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in. Well… to say that the 2014 SSAA convention was an unqualified success would be an understatement! I would like to say a big “thank you” to all who attended our tradeshow booth and caught up with me and the team in and around the conference.

As always, it was an absolute pleasure to catch up with our customers and friends on that once a year “junket”. Speaking of – I once heard a “junket” defined as “any conference that you weren’t invited to”. But seriously, each year I look forward to seeing you all and this year was no different. What was different for me this year is that many of you came and thanked our new CEO Matt and the team for the improvements in service and support that you had experienced recently.

Moreover, it was awesome to sit down with the vast majority of you and go through the improvements that we have been working so hard on over the last year and see the recognition from you, our customers, about the differences we can make in your business life.

These features represent your feedback and it was great for Storman as a whole to turn around and deliver those things that our customer base most wanted. For those of you not lucky enough to come or who ran out of time to see us (yes we were exceptionally busy), click the links above and you can find out more, sign-up and so forth.

As always, it seemed that the Gold Coast produced the goods for the SSAA with, I am told, a record turnout! Well done to Dougal and team. I have often though that we should have it on the Gold Coast every year as this would allow most people to look for discounted tickets etc. and boost the attendance even more. Just my 2 cents worth!

This year also saw a change in our booth as we combined with the team from Ezidebit to produce one big white monstrosity; seriously I think our stand was larger than the Steel Storage stand for a change! For those of you who aren’t using Ezidebit or are using a separate merchant gateway, please consider the following; Ezidebit process the average self storage rental amount of AUD$242.00 (source: 2012 SSAA Almanac) through their direct debit process at $0.55 (including GST).

There are NO other charges on a direct debit payment. This equates to an extremely low processing fee of 0.22%. That’s pretty cheap and – it gets better – with the introduction of Ezidebit in to Storman it is now possible to pass that fee onto your clients so that the transaction becomes “fee neutral”. That’s right – the transaction is basically free! If you are not using Ezidebit, then I can assure you it’s costing you more money than it should, so please get in touch with me for more details.

Finally a big “thank you” to the Storman team; to Andy especially, as these events would not work at all without his input and organisation. To all of you who attended, a massive “thank you” as we wouldn’t have had as much fun as we did without you. To those of you who couldn’t make it… well there’s always next year and with talk of conferencing venues in Las Vegas, Port Douglas and Alice Springs there is plenty to be excited about. Until next time…