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Food For Thought – June 2017

A typical concern of self storage owners is the freehold property worth. While this used to encompass just its real assets (land, buildings, site improvements, fittings and fixtures, etc) and its notional leasehold or business value elements, it now also needs to include its “digital real estate”. This has been defined as website names, social […]

Food for Thought: Going Concern and Leasehold Self Storage Values

A typical going concern self storage in Australia and New Zealand comprises the overall freehold property worth including its real assets (land, buildings, site improvements. infrastructure, fittings and fixtures) and its notional leasehold or “business” value element. In recent times the growing adoption of leasehold interests has occurred as operators and owners address the issues […]

Yield & the Yield Breakeven Point [Template]

This week’s blog is going to focus on yield. The reason for this is that throughout last week’s training (both on- and off-line), yield was the most asked-about topic. This makes sense, as there are many people out there who are experiencing a “tightening of the market”. I use the phrase “tightening” rather than “death […]