2011 Annual Update from Luisa Natoli – SSAA

After the August Convention and Trade Show in Melbourne, it feels like the year has gone by so quickly.  During the months of October and November, we capped off the last of the SSAA Regional Dinners across Australia and New Zealand for the year. The SSAA hosted these in Adelaide, Auckland, Wellington, Melbourne, Queensland, Perth and Sydney, with Melbourne Cup Day and a Digital Marketing Workshop thrown in the mix as well, for good measure! Our venues included a luxurious refurbished politician’s estate, a teppanyaki restaurant, a river cruise and a hotel’s buffet breakfast.

This year we also hosted a Strategic Planning Session open to members for the very first time. This was held in Melbourne and attended by over 50 members from around Australia. The interactive workshop allowed members to contribute opinions as to the future strategic direction of the Association. Full details of this workshop, including a list of all member’s ideas and issues raised can be found in the members section of the SSAA website by visiting the SSAA members website (under the Events tab and the Workshop sub heading).


Here at the SSAA we are very much looking forward to winding down the pace a touch with the upcoming Christmas break, to be spent with our families and friends. As for myself, I’m headed on a 12 day cruise with friends to Vanuatu over New Years Eve …27 days to go!

A fundamental change the Association has introduced is the new standard storage agreement. All members will receive this new agreement and should use it to sign up new customers immediately. The agreement was amended in order to reflect changes in legislation, which affect the way self storage operators do business, such as dealing with dumped goods, sell up obligations, correspondence with storers and the Personal Properties Securities Act.


There has also been a few changes to the SSAA Board of Directors, with Andrew Brooks ending his tenure as Chairman and Gary Vick commencing his. David King was also voted in as the new Victorian and Tasmanian Board member and we are eager to see their fresh take on things and the impact it may have on the Board in coming months.

From myself & everyone here at the Self Storage Association of Australasia, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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