Storman Cloud now offers a process for centralised refunds for storage facilities.

We’re pleased to introduce our new centralised refunds process, available now for facilities using the Storman Cloud self-storage management platform!

Storman’s centralised refund process allows storage facility staff to submit refund requests to a centralised person or accounts team, via an automated email. This is perfect for single-facility and multi-facility groups that want to have controls in place over who can approve and refund money back to customers – and it’s a great tool to use alongside our payment services.

When storers move out of your facility, if they’re in credit and are a due a refund, you’ll now be able to configure Storman Cloud so that the option for your site staff can submit a ‘refund request’ rather than processing it themselves. When the refund request is submitted, the refund transaction is created in the agreement and is marked as pending and an email is sent to the configurable email address in your Storman Cloud facility settings. This email address could be that of your accounts person or head office team!

The new ‘Request Refund’ button.

Then, the team or person that receives this refund request via email needs to approve the refund and actually process it (outside of Storman, using your business internet banking etc). After this has been approved, processed, and confirmed, your accounts person or refunds team can use the review refunds popup screen to find and mark all of the pending refunds as processed. When a refund is marked as processed, a task is created letting the site staff know that money is on the way back to the customer – easy as that!

A task showing site staff know that a refund has been processed.

Keen to get started? If you’ve got any questions, or if you’d like to get your facility set up to use our centralised refunds process, read our how-to guide by clicking here!


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