Facility Map in Storman Cloud

facility map Storman Cloud

We are extremely excited to announce our upcoming release of the Storman Cloud interactive facility map.

Here is a quick overview of the brand new Storman Cloud facility map, and summarising it’s features and benefits to you. We have been working towards better functionality than any other map before it, and successfully delivered a fresh and modern take on the facility map.

The facility map reimagined

Our innovative facility map makes finding the right unit a breeze, using a more visual approach to book, reserve and move in customers straight from clicking a unit.

The new facility map is loved by call centre staff, as they can book units faster with more information available to them at a glance.

You are able to make key business decisions with a quick visual summary of the status of your facility.

What is great about the map?

  • Data is available on the map in real time, you can see what the status is of any of the units with colour coded statuses.
  • You can create leads, reservations or agreements directly from the map.
  • Clicking on rented units can immediately bring up the customer’s account details.
  • Filtering options give you the ability to quickly find specific types of units.
  • Easily change the status of a unit from the map.
  • Quickly see how long a unit has been vacant.
  • Clicking on available units (colour coded) quickly gives you the information needed to sell. You can instantly see the size and price of the unit.

Facility map in Storman Cloud

See for yourself!

To make it even easier, you are able to upload images(photograph of the actual unit) against each of your units. This way call center staff, managers and storers know exactly what they are renting out.

Quick filtering makes finding the right unit easy!

Filtering can be done on units for:

  • their location or building,
  • available or unavailable to rent,
  • their size category,
  • their unit type,
  • or, if configured, any of their attributes.

Great feature for your call centre

  • Call centre staff can easily see where units are on the map with a picture of the unit for clear description and visualisation.
  • The facility map enables call centre staff to book the right unit quickly, while talking to their caller on the line.
  • Assess the suitability of a unit quickly – filtering makes it easy to identify vacant units with the desired attributes.


Facility map in Storman Cloud

No added cost

This class leading innovation from Storman Software will be available soon, and will form part of your current subscription, no added cost to you.

It saves you time with the straight forward facility image upload, marking of units and their details. This can be done by anyone as it is very easy to do. We will also release a video tutorial on how to set up your facility map. You may want to engage us to help you set up the map, which will be invoiced separately. For more information, please Contact Us.