The interactive facility map in Storman Cloud

Updated 16/9/2020

We are extremely excited to announce our newly updated Storman Cloud interactive facility map.

Storman has reimagined the facility map in Storman Cloud. It is bolder, more beautiful and so much easier to use and set up!

Multi-location facility map!

Due to popular demand, we now offer our users the ability to upload multiple image files to the facility map! This allows users with multiple floors or buildings at one facility to find units with more accuracy and it is easier to use for each location/building/area.

Click here to see our updated article in our knowledge base on how to set this up in Storman Cloud.

In a nutshell, what will the map help me do?

  • Easily see which units are available and which aren’t.
  • You can see the status of any unit with colour coded statuses. This makes it easy for staff to manage units, and to book units over the phone.
  • Create leads, reservations or agreements directly from the map.
  • Click on rented units to immediately bring up the customer’s account details.
  • Filtering options give you the ability to quickly find specific types of units e.g. a 1-bedroom sized unit with power and shelving.
  • Easily change the status of a unit from the map.
  • Quickly see how long a unit has been vacant.
  • The facility map is included free in your existing Cloud software subscription!

Find the right unit for your customer

Quick filtering makes finding the right unit easy! Filtering can be done on units for:

  • their location or building,
  • availability to rent,
  • their size category,
  • their unit type,
  • if configured, any of their unit attributes e.g. shelving, power etc…

Great for your call centre management

Call centre staff can easily see where available units are on the map, as well as an actual photo of the unit itself, giving them the confidence to sell the right unit to the customer, whilst still on the phone.

Easy to set up and use

Setting up a facility map could not be easier! It saves you time with the straightforward “drawing” that can be done by anyone with permission set.

To help you see it first hand and to get started, we made an easy to follow video tutorial on how to set up your facility map here.

There is also a comprehensive knowledge base article that explains using the map in detail here.

You may want to engage us to help you set up the map, however, we do encourage you try it yourself first, as it is quite easy! For more information, please contact us.

Things to note

  • Storman Cloud Facility Map setup – use web safe images (JPG or PNG or GIF). PDFs are NOT supported.
  • It does not matter if the image already has unit numbers on it as we will be drawing the units over the top and Storman Cloud will number them for you.
  • Once you are finished drawing the units, you can turn off the background image to make the map look nice and clean.
  • Try to use a clear and good resolution image to make it easier for you to trace.
  • Unfortunately, Maps in Storman One cannot be transferred. You could do a screenshot of the Storman One Map and use that as a base to trace.
  • Remember to save frequently.
  • Be sure to select the right unit for each!