How software can pay off your self storage investment faster

Management software needs to enhance your business. Many people, especially new entrants that are coming from other businesses or industries, are surprised that as an industry we have specialised management software.

More importantly, we have people who understand what effective management software can mean to a self storage business. Unlike the concrete slab that many of you build your businesses upon without a second thought of the price – average
concrete slab can be in the high tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands depending upon size and number of levels of floors required – new entrants can get totally caught up in the “price” of self storage management software.

I suggest to many people that they should sit down and work out the Return on Investment (ROI) of a software package that manages all their money, all of their customer facing correspondence, helps them with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and quoting, is a full reservation and move in system and does all of this while integrating with their website. Not to mention tracking inventory totals of merchandise, integrating to the security system, integrating with
Kiosks, processing payments at the gate, on the website or in person and the list goes on.

Of course we haven’t touched upon the staff savings in time, or the time saved by allowing the customer to help themselves, in many cases having the double advantage of saving the staff time as well.

A modern self storage management software package will allow the operator to get on with the business of renting the storage space without having to worry about all the little things. In my career of over 26 years in and around self storage I can assure you that the right choice here is crucial. Our software does all this and more. Why not download our free trial today?


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