Storman Central

Self storage management software for multi-site storage facilities

Seamlessly manage sites from Storman Central

  • Take payments, make reservations and check unit availabilities for any of your sites
  • Centralise your financial activities and run automated invoicing, refunds and bank reconciliations from Storman Central
  • Consolidated invoicing for your customers that store across multiple sites
  • View the site map and calendar for any facility in your group

Consistently promote your brand

  • Build brand loyalty by creating centralised marketing campaigns and track their effectiveness, easily
  • Standardise the look, feel & content of all customer communications across your facilities
  • Mass-market to your storers directly from Storman Central

Safeguard your businesses

  • Protect against data loss from disasters by having your data at both site and Storman Central
  • Manage your site security and access from Storman Central
  • Storman Central protects your data sovereignty by storing your data in your country

Consolidated reporting

  • Storman Central staff can view up-to-minute site data
  • Run consolidated reports & benchmark facilities
  • Review & export centralised financials for your entire business
  • Protect sensitive financial data by selecting what reports facility staff can see & use

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For your Website

Storman Online Payments

Accept storer payments from your website, 24/7. 

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Storman Online Reservations

Let customers reserve a unit from your website, 24/7.

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Storman Online Move-Ins

Accept paperless move-ins from your website, 24/7.

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Storman API

Integrate your clients website by taking advantage of our APIs.

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