Storman One

Easy to use storage facility management software for single storage sites

Grow your Revenue

Storman integrates into your facility and automates many mundane tasks, leaving your staff to market and rent more units

Easy to use Self Storage software

Storman is easy to use and is built for the self storage industry.

Used worldwide

Storman is used by single and multi-site self storage operators around the globe.

Automate your daily tasks

  • Generate all your customer invoices in seconds
  • Get paid fast with automated payment processing
  • Automate daily tasks such as invoicing, late letters, welcome packs, late fees, move in/out reminders, insurance expiries, lock outs, inventory re-ordering and rent increases
  • Have key reports sent to you automatically

Promote your storage facility and maximise your marketing investment

  • Manage your sales enquiries, reservations & waiting list to help boost your occupancy.
  • Create an active waiting list that prompts you when the desired space becomes available.
  • Easily take reservations at the facility or allow your storers to book through your website.
  • Provide sales & voucher codes to your customers to easily track how successful your promotions are.
  • Bulk market to old & new customers via print, email and SMS.

Offer your customers more ways to pay

  • Get the best blended payment rates in Australia and New Zealand
  • Improve your cashflow by using automated Bank Account and Credit Card Processing through multiple payment providers – available in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. (Requires a supported third-party payment provider. May incur additional fees.)
  • If you choose to, pass some (or all) of your transaction fees on to your customers to reduce your administration costs
  • Secure credit card processing through our multiple PCI-Compliant payment providers
  • Accept storer payments via BPAY (Australia only)
  • Automated refunds for your customers, to save you time

Take control of your facility

  • Integrate your gates, lights, lifts, alarms, music, climate control and even coffee!, with key access control providers such as PTI, SentinelAccessEzy, Digigate, Bearbox, etc
  • Prevent unauthorised move outs by using automated gate access
  • Manage debt by contacting overdue storers automatically, before they default – by using a range of contact methods such as email, SMS and printed letter
  • Automatic lock out for delinquent Storers, who can then choose to pay at the gate 24/7, for immediate access

Business Intelligence

  • A suite of reports to run any facility
  • Build your own custom reports

Improve your Merchandise ROI

  • Sell boxes, locks & packaging supplies to maximise your income
  • Sell more with pre-built inventory packs
  • Set-up bulk-buy merchandise discounting for your removalists
  • View, track & report inventory stock levels to ensure accurate stock replenishment

Some of our customers favourite features

  • A visual and interactive facility map to quickly & easily see availability.
  • Be paid on time: Use billing plans to tailor your invoicing arrangements to suit your customer needs.
  • Create customer loyalty by adding incentives for long term storers.
  • Decrease your risk from disasters by on-selling insurance with each rental.
  • Take cash sales easily & quickly for walk in sales.
  • Easily upgradeable to Storman Central. (Read more…)

Keep in touch with your storers

  • Use SMS templates to create frequently used SMS messages which can re-used over and over again.
  • Set SMS messages to trigger automatically, based on certain customer conditions – such as when payment is overdue, upon move in / move out, and many more.
  • Send SMS to a large selection of your past and present clients for marketing purposes, or informing them of an emergency.

Export to popular Accounting packages

Do more with your facility data, by exporting it to Xero, MYOB, SAGE, QuickBooks, etc.

Visual and interactive facility map

Use Storman’s colour-coded map to move new customers into vacant units, or view customer data for your rented ones.

Promote long term stays

Use Storman to create & redeem vouchers for long-term storer discounts.

We Make Self Storage Management A Pleasure

Choose a software partner, not a software reseller. Get started with a complete trial version today.

We make it easy for storers to do business with you


Accept storer payments from your website, 24/7.


Let customers reserve a unit from your website, 24/7.


Accept paperless move-ins from your website, 24/7.


View your Storman Reports in real-time, from anywhere.