RentPlus support has been discontinued… now what?

News tends to travel quickly in the Self Storage industry and, by now, you will most likely be aware of an announcement made by RentPlus developers, HI-TECH Smart Systems Inc., to discontinue support for RentPlus in Australia and New Zealand.

If you currently run RentPlus v1.8 or RentPlus v2.0, you will be pleased to know that there are ways to continue using your existing customer data & contact information without having to re-enter it into a new software package.


Storman has the ability to convert RentPlus v1.8 and RentPlus v2.0 data so that it can easily & quickly be used within Storman. That way, you can still manage your customers, bill them on time and lock out those that are late – with little fuss.

To aid those RentPlus 1.8 and RentPlus 2.0 users who may be stuck “between a rock and a hard place”, Storman is currently offering free RentPlus 1.8 and free RentPlus 2.0 data conversion from the abovementioned packages, to Storman (offer valid until 1st March 2012), with any regular Storman software product purchase.


Our Mac & PC Self Storage Management Software can, like RentPlus did, offer a large range of features, functionality and benefits – including complete customer management, online reservations, online payments and a customer processing system that can be run at ANY time of the day (as opposed to first-thing in the morning).

If you’re new to Storman, we welcome you to explore our benefits, download a free trial or book a live, online, one-on-one demonstration with one of our staff.