Hello, and welcome to my last post for 2008. Today I am going to take you through StorerCheck and what it does. StorerCheck is the latest tool to help your site detect bad storers. Storman is pleased to announce that we have now integrated StorerCheck into Storman, as it is being actively supported by the SSAA.


So what is StorerCheck?

StorerCheck is a service that records bad payment history and other misdemeanours from customers that store with self storage companies – a kind of “grey list” if you like – that outlines when, how and who has a bad payment record within self storage.


How do I start?

Firstly, you will need a StorerCheck account. At the time of writing, these accounts are free as they are included in your annual SSAA membership. Therefore, all you really need to do is to go to, choose your country, click “Membership” and follow the links

Once you have your membership details you will need to enter these into Storman. You will need to ensure that you are using the latest version of Storman for this to work. The membership details can be setup via Maintenace -> System Setup -> Merch Inf & Opt. Once the membership details have been entered, StorerCheck can be used from within Storman.


How do I use StorerCheck within Storman?

The easiest way to use StorerCheck is to enter a prospective customers’ name in the usual spots and click the “StorerCheck” button that appears on the “Customer Info 1” tab (on any new or existing Customer screen). Storman will then pre-fill a form that is checked against StorerCheck’s online database to see if that particular customer has any bad records lodged against them.

It’s that easy!