We’ve launched our brand new support portal

Knowledge base and support portal

Our new support portal is live!

We have just launched an updated support portal which contains our ticketing system as well as a brand new knowledge base for Storman Cloud. You can find the portal here: https://storman-help.freshdesk.com/support/home. Please log in with your email address, or feel free to sign up with Facebook, Google or Twitter.

The support portal provides you the ability to:

  • Submit and view support tickets.
  • View knowledge base articles that help you to use Storman Cloud.
  • See our growing video library.
  • Top up your SMS.
  • Pay your Storman bills online (Storpay).

The Knowledge base has more than 170 articles in it, grouped into the areas below:

  1. Getting Started. A suite of articles to help you get started with Storman Cloud.
  2. Reports.  All reports in Storman Cloud now have a full description of what they are in here!  We really do mean ALL as well!
  3. Using Storman day-to-day.  These articles help you with day-to-day activities such as managing your customers account, invoicing and payments, overnight processing and Accounting exports.
  4. Coming from Storman One. Hints and tips for customers moving to Storman Cloud from Storman One.
  5. Setting up Storman Cloud!  Articles that relate to setting up and maintaining Storman Cloud.
  6. What’s new.  This is where you’ll find all the release notes.
  7. Storman Payment Services.  Everything you need to know about using Autopay, BPAY, Direct Debit, Chargebacks and Storpay!
  8. Our video library & FAQ.
  9. Online Move-ins and Reservations.  We have a few helpful articles in here for Online Move-ins and Reservations.

If you have any feedback on the articles, we’d love to hear about it. At the end of each article you’ll see this:

Please let us know if you like the article, or if we need to improve it!

We hope you find the new knowledge base useful!