Visiting the brand new Storage King Tingalpa

Storage King Self storage facility management by Storman

Another ‘jewel in the Storage King crown’ is their recently-opened Storage King Tingalpa facility. Mark Greig (Storage King QLD Operations Manager) joined Jason van Heerden (Store Manager, Storage King Tingalpa) to take Storman Software’s Ben and I on a guided tour of the new facility in late April 2010.

Ben mentioned that “…the first thing I noticed was how clean and well laid-out the facility was” and I would have to agree. Storage King Tingalpa sums up Storage King to a Tee – everywhere you look there is Storage King branding and colours. This is an excellent example of branding done right, and done well – not over the top, but enough to remember where you are.

I have included an article from the Storage King newsletter below (republished with permission) – and don’t forget to check out some of the great photos at the bottom of this post…


A behind-the-scenes look at Storage King Tingalpa

On April 1st 2010, Storage King Tingalpa opened for business. This store, recently completed by Steel Storage Australasia, showcases all the latest design applications available in self storage.

As part of a sizeable land subdivision, just over an acre of land was set aside for the construction of a new ‘State of the Art’ Self Storage facility. With a footprint of 2,762m2 the design achieved well over 5,700m2 of net lettable space whilst providing over 120m2 of retail showroom, office and amenities and almost 80m2 of loading dock and hoist circulation area.

Extra wide corridors were designed in to allow for easy navigation of goods throughout the facility. To make the project feasible in these tough times it was necessary to construct a facility with storage on 3 individual levels. Cutting into the existing terrain to achieve the 3 levels ensured that the structure remained below the statutory height guidelines. The building was designed in house by Steel Storage’s own design team. This ensured that the facility was laid out in the most ‘self storage’ efficient format whilst drawing on the many years of knowledge and experience of the construction of self storage facilities.

The major part of the design brief was to ensure Energy Efficiency whilst dealing with the ‘workability’ of such a large facility. This was achieved by various methods. The ground floor level was encased in ‘split block’ to achieve not only an aesthetically pleasing finish but also to provide heightened insulation to the whole area. Further insulation and internal wall lining was applied to all other external wall surfaces to reduce radiant heat. Whilst large rotary vents along with foil backed insulation were installed in the roof, no translucent sheeting was used to ensure reduction of radiant heat and also eliminating the ongoing maintenance / replacement of brittle sheets in the future.

Strategic placement of awnings along with energy efficient glass and insulated rear walls ensured that the ‘shop front display’ areas had little effect on the ambient temperature within the facility. Going to three levels took the class of building into another category under the Building Code and therefore an ‘Alternate Design Solution’ was proposed. This entailed the installation of a full sprinkler system along with smoke detection and extract all linked directly to the Local Fire Brigade.

Numerous design meetings were held with the Brigade to ensure full compliance not only with the Building Code and relevant Australian Standards but also the Queensland Fire & Rescue ‘Operational Requirements’ The internal partitioning was made up of the Steel Storage ‘Streamline’ interlocking SS750 zincalume dividing panels and the 500mm wide Gloss White Hallway panel complete with the plastic inserts to the bottom channel and all manufactured in-house at our manufacturing facility in Singapore.

Roller doors and swing doors throughout the facility were imported from our London manufacturing facility. The doors came complete with a unique ‘leather look’ plastisol surface finish all to the Storage King colours. The swing doors also incorporated the newly released recessed Steel Storage lock.

A number of the units were installed with the new revolutionary Steel Storage CUBIX stacking system enabling up to four times the net lettable area from the one space. This new system is providing ‘higher yield’ which in turn means ‘higher business value and increased income’ The whole project was topped of with an ultra modern retail area where point of sale furniture was manufactured specifically for this project by a bespoke joinery company all built in the Storage King specific corporate colours.

So there you have it! Following the facility tour, I also caught up with Storage King Tingalpa Store Manager, Jason van Heerden, for an extended chat about his facility as part of Storman’s ‘Facility of the Month’ profile (in the June 2010 Monthly eNewsletter)

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