Wellington Conference and Tradeshow

Good morning everyone! We’re back on deck after a great response to the launch of our payment solutions for the storage industry at the 2010 SSAA conference in Windy Wellington. Everyone was so welcoming and interested to learn about the new kid on the block – Ezidebit!

The conference gave us the opportunity to chat directly with the association members about their business and how we might help them increase their cash flow. The well executed social events were also great opportunities to mingle with members and establish long-term business relationships.

Through the solid partnership with Storman and the fully-compliant and efficient payment solution built into the Storman system, we have been able to demonstrate the benefits of a fully-integrated payment solution that will reduce administration time and improve cash flow for those in the Storage industry.

Thank you Storman, the association and its members for making our first SSAA Conference a thoroughly enjoyable and successful event!