What’s new in Storman Cloud (Mar 2021)

Whats new in Storman Cloud?

Welcome back to the March 2021 edition of Storman Cloud’s product update, let’s get right to it!

Move-out calculator and recording move-out notice

It’s not something we all want to happen, but unfortunately, these things do.. We’re talking about move-outs!

How often do you have customers come in and ask:

  • “if I move out in 3 weeks’ time how much will I owe you?” 
  • “how much credit will I get back if I move out on the 3rd of September?”
  • and how many of these customers ask for a move-out date, that is beyond your future move-out date setting?

With Storman Cloud’s new move-out calculator, we have made answering these questions much much easier.

Access the move-out calculator from the Actions menu of any agreement, and simply enter in any date for notice and any move-out date and Storman will do the rest. This will let you know how much the customer will have to pay or how much of a credit/refund they will be entitled to.

The calculator also checks for any penalties that may need to be applied (from the billing plan) and also if the customer has a deposit or insurance that needs to be refunded.

Even if the customer gives you a move-out date that is beyond your future move-out system setting, Storman will still calculate this and let you know so you can give your customer an accurate estimate.

Do you know about the “intended move-out date” in Cloud?

When a customer gives you notice that they are intending to move-out, you can save this against their agreement, which is then shown in a number of places around Storman Cloud, to help you get ready for the next person to move into that unit or units!

In the example below, our customer John Smith gave us notice today, that he will be moving out on the 28th March 2021. We saved this in his agreement

The expected move-out date shown in an agreement highlighted below..


Agreements with expected move-out dates, highlighted below on the operations dashboard.


The waiting list, showing a reservation that is waiting for the unit, that John Smith will be moving out of, with his expected move-out dates, highlighted below.

The notice to vacate report, showing all customers that have given notice; green means we have some time until they move out, red means they should have moved out by now, we should contact them and see what’s going on!

Billed in Advance report (new)

In a recent update to Storman Cloud, we have added a new report, called the “Billed in Advance report“.

This report shows any revenue that has been invoiced in advanced (billed) for future periods, together with how much has been paid in advance. Allowing you to adjust your revenue recognition reported on your accounts.

To our users coming across from Storman One, you will recognise this as the old “Prepaid report”.

This new report can be found in the Reporting -->  Revenue management menu.

Reminder – correspondence plans

This is a small note to remind you to check that your email, letter and SMS templates are all up to date!

If you haven’t been editing your templates and correspondence plans in Storman Cloud here is a video from the Storman Cloud Youtube channel to jog your memory.