Auckland Training (September 2014)

This time last week, I was in the boardroom at StorMan’s Auckland office preparing for our Advanced Training course. By 10am, everyone had arrived and I was joined by staff from Safestore Containers and Guardian Storage – as well as Daniel from our Technical Support Team who joined us a few weeks ago.

My trip over had actually begun earlier in the week – on Monday afternoon, to be exact – with a great flight over thanks to Air New Zealand. On Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, I assisted the Support Team and Wednesday, of course, was training day.


Judging by the emails I received afterwards, everyone enjoyed the training course. We covered topics such as rent increases, SSAA Agreements, the PPSR, the importance of Google+ & Google Reviews, Website SEO, Promo Codes, Dashboard Customisation and much, much more… it was a jam-packed 5 hours!

Furthermore, I’m pleased to report that the elusive ants that plagued past training sessions were no-where to be seen this time. That said, it was quite cold and windy outside, so perhaps they chose to stay inside my warm laptop.


Lunchtime during the courses is always great, as it gives me a chance to stop talking and listen to what others have to say. It’s always interesting to hear the stories everyone has to tell. Anyone who says self storage is boring clearly hasn’t been in the industry for very long!


After a successful training course, Wednesday closed with a quick catch-up on emails, and Thursday – as mentioned earlier – was spent in Support giving the crew a hand with some of the tickets & phone calls.

Thursday night, I had the pleasure of catching up with former Storman CEO Aaron Alsweiler, who took me to a fantastic place in town (near the casino) called Federal Delicatessen (known to locals as “The Fed”) – which is famous NZ chef Al Brown’s take on an old-school NYC Jewish delicatessen… and wow. I have no words for how amazing the food was (or how full my stomach was). I had never had a proper Reuben Sandwich or Baked New York Cheesecake before! …nor had I ever eaten Pumpkin Pie! If you’re even in Auckland, you really must try The Fed …amazing!

People often laugh when I take food photos – but I think these are justified. Please accept my apologies if they make you hungry 😉


Thanks to everyone who took part in our Auckland training… I hope you enjoyed it!

PS: We might be in your area soon! Check out our upcoming training sessions.