Cam Visits Jim’s Self Storage

Cam visits Jims Storage facility
It’s always good to get out of the office and visit some of our wonderful self storage management software users – the team ‘at the coalface’ who do everything from sell boxes, to quote new customers, meet storers, run daily processes and reports for the owners. I recently got the chance to visit one such client – a longtime user of Storman at their self storage facility. Let’s take a look… On the 13th of September I made my way from Brisbane, Queensland to Melbourne, Victoria to visit a long standing client, Jim’s Self Storage (Fun Fact! Jim’s first Storman agreement was made when I was 6 years old!). After a short 2-hour flight between the 2 major cities, I readied myself for an eventful few days working at Jim’s with their staff members. After a big sleep and a small ‘hotel provided’ breakfast (and I mean small) I was greeted by Rosemary who then whisked me away for my first day in Self Storage! My first day entailed me running daily processing, some box sales, chasing late payers and constructing boxes. I don’t understand why there isn’t a university degree for constructing archive boxes! After a long day Rosemary was kind enough to take me for a drive around Melbourne. As I have only ever been down there once before (for 7 hours) it was quite nice to have a look around. Some of you “Blockheads” out there might recognise the next few places. With Saturday rolling around quicker than I would have liked, it was time for me to say good-bye to the team at Jim’s Self Storage and head back to my normal job… but not before I got some footage of my time down at Jim’s! Watch the video.