Storman Online Move-Ins and Online Reservations Improved

online reservations screen

Let your storers move-in online, any time!

Allow your storers to complete all ‘paperwork’ electronically, by moving in via your website – or on an iPad/tablet at your storage facility. The process is completely integrated with Storman.

  • Reduces effort & saves time during a move-in (your storer does the work for you)
  • ‘Close the deal’ online while the buying decision is high!
  • Generates an electronically-signed agreement that gets stored in Storman
  • Stop your competitors price-shopping (you decide which unit types to show online)
  • Read more about our Contactless solution for Storman Cloud.

Test-drive Storman Move-ins

We have updated Storman Reservations – making it easier to click through for faster signups!

Storman is committed to improving our tools along with bringing you the new Storman Cloud product. January 2019 already shows handy new releases for our Storman Online Move-Ins and Storman Online Reservations. Read the full release notes for Move-Ins and Reservations.

Reservations flow update

Have you noticed the easier flow and process of online reservations lately?

  • We have removed the email checker screen that used to appear after the unit selection, and before the enter your details screen. This will make the self storage reservation process faster for your customers, less steps to go through for a smoother and faster sign up!
  • On the “enter your details” screen, we have removed the following fields to make the reservation process faster and easier for your storers:
    • Home phone
    • Work phone
    • Confirm password
    • Confirm email address

Move-Ins, ready to use in-store and on any large tablet!

This screen has also been slimmed down to only the essentials, to speed up the process for your website visitors.

We have shortened the number of steps required, and fields, in filling in the forms.

tablet screen of online reservations in Storman

Storage King

“From day one, Storman Move-Ins has allowed us to go completely paperless for our storage agreements, and add a modern and futuristic feel to match our brand new facility.”

Storage King / Rolleston NZ