Easily collect updated card details from your customers, with our ‘update autopay’ link!


If you’re a Storman Cloud customer, and you’re using Storman Move-ins and Ezidebit, you’re in luck. We’ve got a great new feature for you this week! We’re excited to announce that our ‘Update Autopay‘ link is now live.

This will allow your storage facilities to quickly and easily send an email or SMS to your customers, containing a link to a secure portal for them to add or update their card details. The card details they enter will be securely uploaded to Ezidebit, replacing any old card details that were saved, and autopay will be automatically enabled. Authorisation, updating of the customer record, and autopay – all handled for you!

This new feature is perfect for a few situations:

  • If a storer’s credit card is about to expire. You can combine this link with the CC Expiry Notice to let them update their credit card before it expires – easy!
  • If a storer is not on autopay and wants a ‘set and forget’ payment method, simply send them the link and they can do this themselves.
  • If a storer would like to change or update the details of the card they’re paying with, this link will replace their existing card.

Here’s how it works.. 


1. Send your storer an automated email or SMS to add or update their card details – straight out of Storman Cloud!


2. Your storer clicks the link, taking them to a branded payment portal. They can add or update their card details, and authorise automatic payments.

That’s it – all sorted!


Keen to get started? If you’ve got any questions, or need a hand getting set up, simply fill out the form below and our team will be in touch.

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