What’s new in Storman Cloud? (May 2022)

Whats new in Storman Cloud?

What’s New?
May 2022


Hello, Stormanites – and welcome to May’s edition of ‘What’s New’! We’ll be taking you through all the shiny new features and improvements our development team have been working on since April’s update. So without further ado, let’s check out what’s new! As always, if you’d like to view our full release notes, you can find them via our support portal – go check it out!

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the latest and greatest in Storman Cloud. Read on to learn more!


Easily update customer payment details, with our ‘update autopay’ link!

If you’re a Storman Cloud customer, and you’re using Storman Move-ins and Ezidebit, you’re in luck. We’ve got a great new feature for you this week! We’re excited to announce that our ‘Update Autopay‘ link is now live.This will allow your storage facilities to quickly and easily send an email or SMS to your customers, containing a link to a secure portal for them to add or update their card details. The card details they enter will be securely uploaded to Ezidebit, replacing any old card details that were saved, and autopay will be automatically enabled. Authorisation, updating of the customer record, and autopay – all handled for you!

We’re so excited about this feature that it has its own separate post. Click here to find out more.


Changing units to and from the “Reserved’ status.

In the last Storman Cloud update we made a change whereby you could no longer change a unit to reserved, or out of reserved, from the operations dashboard. This was to ensure reservations are correctly managed. However a number of users do want this feature, and a number of users do not. So, we have made this into a facility setting as pictured below – now you can decide whether or not to use it!

Reporting updates.

  • On the rental increase report,
    • Blank and empty dates will now format correctly.
    • Our “haven’t had an increase in XX months” filter had a stern talking to and will now show you units that fit these criteria,
    • We’ve added labels to the PDF export, so you can see exactly how you ran the report.
  • The income charged report will now include individual items when selecting the show all option.
  • The insurance transactions report now shows the premium, as per the exact other recurring charge amount, and no longer takes into account the billing plan each customer is on.
  • We have added customer hyperlinks to the insurance status report. Yay! It should also not do that weird full-screen refresh when you run it.

General Improvements.

  • For Aussie facilities that use BPAY, we will now create a task to let you know when unknown BPAY payments have been added to the unallocated payments account.
  • Overnight processing will no longer create a task letting you know to check for any SMS messages that need to be sent, if there are none!
  • Occasionally when designing your notices (letter, email, SMS), adding a database reference to one notice template would copy this into another – this doesn’t happen anymore.
  • When adding a unit to a reservation, if the unit is already reserved to someone else this will be removed from the list – no more double reserving!
  • If a lead has an empty expected move-in date, this will remain after converting this lead to a reservation – instead of putting in the current date.
  • The random PIN button now correctly respects the minimum PIN length facility setting.


Thanks for checking out what’s new in Storman Cloud! As always, you can see our full release notes by clicking here.