Storman Cloud’s inventory

inventory management - Storman Cloud
The cloud brings new ways of handling inventory, and Storman Cloud is doing this with ease for facility managers.

How to manage Storman Cloud’s Inventory

It has never been this easy to work with inventory. Storman Cloud has a clean and user friendly layout that makes managing inventory a very quick task.

You can list up to 100 items per page and scroll through your inventory items, see key information about each e.g. cost price and sale price, description and how much you have available. You can also search an item quickly using the search bar.

  • Adding new stock or making adjustments is now easier than ever, no more counting and working out how much of an adjustment you need to make.
  • Simply tell Storman how many you have now and it will do the rest for you.
  • Keep track of changes by using the View History button. This will show you recent purchases, adjustments and sales for each of your inventory items.

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Stock take is now a breeze. Our team love managing our inventory in Storman Cloud!

Chris / Storage King Rolleston, NZ