Launceston SSAA Regional Meeting & Dinner

I was very interested in attending the latest SSAA meeting in Launceston, as this was the first SSAA meeting for the year & the topics of discussion were “Local Marketing” and the “Changes for the Personal Property Securities Act (PPSA)”. The Reach Local representative was very good and I enjoyed listening to what he had to say.

The big topic, however, were the changes that affect our industry with regards to the new PPSA and in particular the Personal Property Security Register (PPSR) that comes with it. According to Rennie Schafer (Executive Officer, Self Storage Association of Australasia) this act is one of the single biggest changes to affect our industry in many years.

While Rennie touched on a couple of points, he did say that Simone Hill (Legal Counsel, Self Storage Association of Australasia) would be discussing this in far greater detail at the upcoming legal training sessions. As such, I will be attending the upcoming Sunshine Coast (Queensland, Australia) legal training & dinner and look forward to meeting everyone there. For now, check out my blog on the PPSA.

The rest of the meeting was spent catching up with clients and it was great to see a good turnout as well as so many Storman customers in the room! It was terrific discussing all the things that they are doing and questions that they had for me.

I find these nights very rewarding as far as being able to informally help my customers with new ideas or a new slant on an idea that they already have. The dinner itself was very good; I have attached a picture of the dinner and guests however it came out a little dark and grainy so I apologise for that.

To all of you who attended thanks for a great night! Launceston certainly turned it all on including the weather and I look forward to joining you all next time!