Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry [Slide deck]

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) 2017 “Staff Retreat”, which was held at the Novotel Sydney Central.

Following the conference welcome & introduction, I kicked off Day 1 with a session titled Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry – where I took delegates through a storer’s customer journey, developed a content plan – then launched into some interactive tasks where we created a video, a Facebook ad, and looked at a great way to capture online unit reservations from your website. Let’s take a look…


From Customer Journey to Content Plan

Every customer takes part in a journey as they research, select and eventually move into (and then out of) a self storage facility. To ensure a storer makes that journey with your self storage business, we need to ensure we attract them, convert them, close them and finally delight them.

We started off by looking at the journey a storer may take – and overlaid it with a number of touchpoints where our storage facility has a chance to interact with them in some fashion – thus allowing the storer to receive useful and interesting content during their lifecycle as a customer.

Knowing what journey a storer takes will ensure your self storage business can attract them.

With a basic content plan developed and mapped onto the various stages of the customer journey, we can get a much clearer picture as to the potential of a well written and well structured self storage marketing campaign: from the journey, right through to the content.



In the second half of the presentation I took delegates through creating a video ad for their self storage facility using Filmora – an easy-to-use video editing tool. I demonstrated how easy it was to import photos and music, add transitions between photos – and thanks to some help from the audience, we even recorded a voiceover for the end of the video as well.

Make your own self storage ad with Filmora.


I also took delegates through setting up a Facebook Audience to target users who may soon be moving house. By using Facebook’s sophisticated targeting tools, you can minimise cost and increase effectiveness by only targeting those who may need storage – as opposed to a traditional (and expensive) mass-marketing campaign that has a low success rate and a high cost per acquisition.

The session closed with a demonstration of the Storman Online Reservations add-on. This is a great online marketing tool to ensure a potential storer can commit to your business right there and then on your website while their buying intent is high.

Thanks to everyone who attended the SSAA Staff Retreat last week – I hope you enjoyed my session! I’ve included my slide deck for download below.


Free Resource: Self Storage Marketing Strategies

During the SSAA (Self Storage Association of Australasia) 2017 Staff Retreat, I presented a session titled ‘Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry’, which expands on the findings presented above. If you’d like to grab a free copy, simply enter your details below to download a copy of my presentation…




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