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Storman at SSAA Convention in Cairns

The annual SSAA convention was a big win for the self storage industry this year. [...]

Upcoming SSAA Event in Cairns

The SSAA Convention 2019 In August, we will be joining the SSAA at the annual [...]

Concierge Upgrade for Storman

Health Check for all Storman customers Storman’s back end operational configurations are critical in how [...]

Online success in no time

Open Your Facility with Storman Storman is proud to welcome another great facility to our [...]

Storman Cloud Heatmap

Storman Cloud Heatmap to aid in your marketing Keep track of where your existing and [...]

Food for thought – Value and digital real estate

One of the major and typical concerns of self storage owners are the freehold property [...]

Quick Wins for Your Self Storage Marketing

Marketing is an evolving beast - with new software tools, search engine algorithms and social [...]

Top 5 things you should do (but typically don’t) to keep your self storage facility full

Most of the time, the ideas for my posts come from random moments of inspiration [...]

Why Your Business Should Invest in Digital Real Estate

Self storage industry valuer, Malcolm Collins, recently wrote about freehold property worth. In his piece, [...]

How Analysing Current Storers Can Help You Find Future Storers

As any self storage facility knows, current and past storers provide a wealth of information [...]

Marketing Strategies for the Self Storage Industry [Slide deck]

I recently had the pleasure of presenting at the Self Storage Association of Australasia’s (SSAA’s) [...]

How to Use Video to Promote Your Self Storage Business

Using video for self storage is a great way to market and promote your self [...]