How to stop rent increases in Storman Cloud

Rent roll report

How to: Undo future scheduled rent increases

You may have rent increases that have already been scheduled on a customer’s account, for a future date. Follow the instructions below to remove these:

  1. Go to Reporting → Revenue management → Rent Increases
  1. Choose to show units with upcoming increases:

  1. You will see a list on screen of customers who have future rent increases. Click on the unit link to take you straight to the ‘Regular Charges’ screen of that agreement:

Rent increase report

  1. Click on the unit’s edit button and set the ‘New rent amount’ to $0.00, as shown below:

  1. You can run the report in step 1 multiple times to ensure you have removed all scheduled rent increases.

How to: Turn off automatic rent increases

If you have automatic rent increases set up, please contact support for assistance to turn them off.