Storman Cloud Heatmap

Storman Cloud Heatmap tool
Storman Cloud Heatmap to aid in your marketing

Keep track of where your existing and past storers are and have come from, using Storman Cloud’s* new Google Heatmap!

Access this under the Map tab on your Intelligence dashboard.

The Map

Filter on active and inactive customers, and switch between the intensity heat map or the individual plotting of storer’s addresses.

For users that are part of a multi-site storage group, you can view all of the facility locations you have access to and the storers that belong to these facilities.


Accurate from day one

Use Storman Cloud’s address finder, to ensure all of your customers addresses are accurate and validated with Google from day one, and enter any addresses that Google cannot find manually.

Adding Google Addresses of your storers

Marketing and planning – The power of data is at your fingertips

Use our map to identify gaps in your marketing reach, and plan your next strategy. Directly target these gaps with your next mail drop, local Facebook ads or print in local publications.


If you have any questions for us on how to use this tool, please contact support.

*Available for Australia and New Zealand only.