What are the key differences between Storman One and Storman Cloud?

Difference between Storman One and Storman Cloud

Storman One vs. Storman Cloud

Storman Cloud launched in Australia and New Zealand and we are proud to share with you the beautiful, crisp and clean layouts for our users. Our clients are using the new cloud based Storman and are loving it!

To start the comparison, check out our video of regular software screens and how they look in Storman One compared to the new views in Storman Cloud.

Enjoy the video and let us know if you want to book your own personal Cloud Demo below.

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We can take you through the major differences in how the software is used, and showing you all the new and useful features Storman added to the Cloud product.

Summary of new features in Storman Cloud include:

  • Log in from anywhere.
  • Visual data insight to owners/managers of self storage facilities.
  • It’s very easy to use and intuitive. Save time and cost by reducing the training needed to get new team members operational.
  • It has both a Sales and Operational focus.
  • Storman Cloud replaces 4 products “Storman One”, “Storman Central”, “Storman Reporting” and “Unit Check”
  • Easily integrate with our developer friendly Storman Cloud API.
  • Storman Cloud – one product for single or multi site self storage facilities.

Add-ons for your website:

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