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Why staff training really adds up

For many storage facility owners, staff training sits lower down on their list of priorities. To [...]

Storman Move-Ins goes to pre-release

Storman Software is proud to announce Storman Move-Ins. This new add-on allows your storers to complete the electronic move-in [...]

How can technology automate my Self Storage business?

March 2016 Having worked in the self storage industry for almost a decade, I’ve visited [...]

The importance of follow-up

Following up leads (sales enquiries) is one of those self storage tasks that often gets [...]

Not all Self Storage Facilities are created equally

No two businesses are the same – especially nowadays, as companies adapt to a changing [...]

Discounts Done Right: 5 Tips on How to Win the Price War [Whitepaper]

I’m often asked about discounting – particularly when I conduct StorMan training or attend a [...]

How Staff Training Leads to Higher Occupancy Levels

Can something as simple as staff training really increase occupancy levels? At first, this might [...]

An old idea made new again

Hello everyone! As many of you know, I have been in and around the self [...]

Back from the 2014 SSAA Convention

Aug, 2014 Hello everyone and thanks for tuning in. Well… to say that the 2014 [...]

A first-timer in the market for Self Storage

A friend (who is currently moving house) recently had to use self storage for the [...]

Improve your Google ranking (2013 edition)

As a web designer, people often ask me how they can improve their Google ranking [...]

Safestore TV Commercial

July 2012 Just a quick one today, as I thought I’d share with you this [...]