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Food for thought – Value and digital real estate

One of the major and typical concerns of self storage owners are the freehold property [...]

Disruption & Self Storage

Disruption can be characterised as innovative new businesses sweeping away old ways of doing things. [...]

Food for Thought: Going Concern and Leasehold Self Storage Values

A typical going concern self storage in Australia and New Zealand comprises the overall freehold [...]

General Self Storage Market Overview for 2015

The Global Financial Crisis led to a dearth of transaction evidence in the traditional real [...]

SSAA Self Storage Expo Asia

The second Self Storage Expo Asia was held in Hong Kong on 26-27 March 2014 [...]

Self Storage Valuer’s Commentary – 2013

Introduction Malcolm wrote this personal high-level overview of the Australasian self storage market (“A Valuer’s [...]

The banks & 2012

The Reserve Bank’s last reduction in the official cash rate is, amongst other things, recognition [...]

Country Blues

It’s of continuing concern to me that having just valued another provincial (smaller scale) self [...]

It’s official – Banks want to lend you money again!

In quite a few conversations I’ve had with clients and individual bankers around the country [...]

Banking Blues – Part 2

September 2010 Over the last several months I have needed to speak with major Banks [...]

Banking Blues – Part 1

September 2010 I recently held a phone conversation with a major Bank property officer. He [...]

The Credit Crisis

Feb 2010 I was recently speaking to the property people in four of our major [...]